Nov 242009

I personally am one of the people who is extremely excited about the fact that the Chrome OS is now out in the hands of the community. What this means to me is that as early as next year we could start seeing devices running the Chrome OS, which I personally can’t wait for. I’ve been in the market for a good netbook for over a year now, the problem is there is nothing out there that seems perfect for what I want. I want something lightweight, fast and very portable with a slick interface and preferably touch screen. The problem with the majority of netbooks out in the market right now is they are running off of a windows based operating system. While there is nothing wrong with the Windows OS it seems more suited towards desktop computers and full fledged laptops as it is a heavily bloated OS.

This is where the Google Chrome OS comes into play. Most people don’t realize the role this operating system is trying to fill and it is causing a lot of confusion out there. The Chrome OS is designed solely for internet-only devices. The purpose is to provide users with a fast way to get connected to the internet to do a number of different tasks that can be completed online. Google’s goal seems to be driving your everyday activities to the cloud, further supported by Chrome OS’s design.

This is what is difficult for people to grasp about Chrome, it’s being designed to fill a gap that currently exist. There are no operating System currently designed solely to get you online and manage your online applications. Chrome OS is a large step forward for cloud computing, it is opening the doors for device manufacturers to easily create internet-only devices and for a lower cost.

I really don’t believe that Microsoft has anything to be worried about in regards to the Chrome OS. If they keep trying to put pressure into making Windows 7 viable for the netbook market I don’t feel they are going to accomplish anything other than loosing money in the long run. I already feel that Microsoft as a corperation spreads themselves to thin as it is and continuing to do so is going to bring them a lot more trouble than they are already in. If they focused on building a stable desktop/laptop operating system and pushed that with their full effort I feel that they would be better off than trying to go toe to toe in the new market that Google is pushing. Unfortunately, I can already see them competing directly with Chrome OS and coming out with their own even slimmer version of Windows 7 time that could be better spent improving on it’s functionality and ease of use.

To get back on topic, I am pleased where Google is going with the Chrome OS and look forward to getting a device that is running it as soon as possible. It will fit my needs perfectly, as all I need is something that will connect online and allow me to use all the online applications that I currently do already. I will end with a video that I encourage you to watch that demonstrates why you would use the Chrome OS.

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