Oct 142009

Google Wave, it’s the trendy new phrase circulating the internet. Two weeks ago it was a hot topic with the announcement of 100,000 developers being invited into the restricted beta testing of it. There are over 5 million views on the Google IO video on Google Wave, so it is certainly something a lot of people are interested in.

Who can blame them, for those of us who have seen the video the team from Google does a good job at presenting their new idea and generating a lot of interest in it as a new product from Google. Some people are just interested in it for the sake of it being something new and innovative from Google, which isn’t suprising because every large company is going to have it’s share of people that follow their news religiously.

Google’s goal as a whole seems to be to stream line your whole internet experience, and display relative ads for you in the process. Another lesser goal seems to be for sharing information, and again I am a big fan of that and open source software as it really allows for more expandability and improvements. Open source also helps enhance and create standards for use in the industry.

I was fortunate enough to be given a Google Wave invite from a friend and I have to say that first off I am not as impressed by the actual Google Wave application as I thought I would be. It’s not that i’m disappointed in it as a whole it’s just that it isn’t as fun and innovative as they made it seem in the video. The truth of the matter is Google Wave is not something new, it’s an improved version and compilation of already existing concepts. Which is still something to be excited about, because without improving on existing concepts we’d still be using clubs to hunt for food.

Now the interesting thing about Google Wave as I see it is how Google is using it to position their Chrome browser in the market and take aim at Internet Explorer users. If you go to view Google Wave on internet explorer you are prompted to do one of two things. The first of which is to install Google Chrome Frame, which is basically the Chrome browser running inside of Internet Explorer. You are also given the option to install one of the three browsers that Google Wave will run in and of course Chrome is the first browser in the list.

Personally I think this is a good thing, Internet Explorer has enjoyed it’s dominance in the browser area for to long, Microsoft constantly slacks behind in conforming to industry standards and set their own. Anyone who has had to deal with designing websites and dealing with styles and functionality knows that Internet Explorer, especially IE 6 is a thorn in the side of developers. Google sees the potential in another one of their major new applications to almost force people to use something other than Internet Explorer to browse the web because they want to use this new product.

Below is a screenshot of what you would see if you tried to go to Google Wave in Internet Explorer:

Google Wave in Internet Explorer

Google Wave in Internet Explorer

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