Oct 012009

I decided that it was time to focus on my personal website more and that I really wanted to be able to have a blog that I could post to. The conundrum became whether or not I would write my own blogging software or find an open source version out there are on the market that did exactly what I wanted.

There were only a few specifics I had for blogging applications and they were
• Be easy to modify and customize
• Use a URL structure that promotes increased number of URLs as my blog posts increase
• Integration with various social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook etc..)
• Tag structure to add and sort by posts that are tagged with certain keywords.

I went through a few before I looked into what probably should have been my first choice. WordPress had almost everything I wanted, but on top of that it had a lot more and a lot bigger community of people out there adding on it. The only thing missing was the integration of social media, which as I found out did not take much to put into place, more on that later.

A downside of WordPress, however, is that it is written in PHP. Great for all those PHP developers out there, but leaves me a little in the dark if I really wanted to tinker deeper into the inner workings of it. This won’t stop me from weaving ASP.NET into it as much as possible though thanks to being able to host both .NET and PHP applications on one host.

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