Mar 242010

There is so much hype out there about the iPad currently and everyday it seems there is a new crop of stories propping up. Stories about what people are going to use theirs for, what applications are being/have been developed for it, how many people have pre-ordered it, and a number of other things. Everyday my technology news gadget on my iGoogle home page has something new about the iPad, something new I don’t care about.

The only times that I’ve see articles come up in this space talking about the iPad that I like are when they are talking about it’s limitations or the alternatives that are coming out or have already been out for awhile. There are many different alternatives out there, some of which may be better, including the most recently announced HP Slate tablet. If you want a good list, with images, of iPad alternatives you can view that here.

Now why do I have so much deep down hatred for the iPad? Well besides the constant overload there are many of reasons why I won’t even consider buying an iPad, some of these reasons are the same reasons I don’t buy any of Apple’s other products. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against Apple or the products they put out, they are high quality but there are certain features that they lack that I want.

The reasons why i’m passing on the iPad are as follows:

  • Aspect ratio.
    • The resolution and aspect ratio on the iPad is off, not normal, and pictures/video would likely look strange.
  • I can’t just do one thing at once.
    • The lack of multitasking is one thing that I’m not sure I could stand not being able to have multiple things running at once, it just doesn’t seem logical to me.
  • Everything iTunes.
    • Forced to download all of your applications through it and sync your video and music through iTunes just simply annoys me, I don’t like being forced to do anything.
  • Money money money.
    • The hardware is just expensive for what you are getting, it seems like you could get more for less going with an alternative.

That’s pretty much it, i’m waiting for one of the alternatives to really come out and get some steam, which right now just isn’t happening. Although you know at some point in time other major players will get on board, in fact many of them already are. The rumors about the Chromium OS being designed with tablets in mind is very likely.

The Always Innovating Touch Book was something that I was greatly looking forward to last year when I first heard about it. Unfortunately once it came out the reviews for it were not as great as I would have liked. But the point is that this Touch Book is not that far different from what the iPad is supposed to be, the only differences are that it doesn’t have multi touch and it comes with less storage space but can be expanded. Another difference is the most expensive model is $399 which is still $100 less than the cheapest iPad model.

So do your research and find out what else is out there before you decide to drop your money on the iPad.

  3 Responses to “I am tired of hearing about the iPad already”

  1. I agree 100%, nice article.
    For me it is the lack of storage space and no expansion, no flash is a joke and it isn’t even out in Australia and when it does come out here it will cost even more than a half descent laptop.

    • I don’t need something that big with that low of a resolution. Granted streaming HD to a pad over b/g or even n without the best settings could be painful.

      No open standard formats like Ogg, FLAC, Theora is the biggest obstacle for me.

      I will probably buy the Archos 43, if it ever comes out. DOH! Don’t like the storage capacity? Plug in your Micro SDHC. Although I probably have wishful thinking to expect a resume function on podcasts and audio books.

      I will replace my iPod Touch 2G that I like for the most part. I am so sick of iTunes (program) that I am about to put my money where my mouth is.

      I have a principled objection to the iTunes music store over lossy compression. If you are going to sell me only part of the song, I should only pay part of the price. Even though I’m not crazy about the closed standards of Apple lossless, it should be the standard for all Apple music downloads. Some online stores are offering FLAC, but they are the very niche consumers like me that buy. It still pays for me to drive to the used CD store or the flea market and buy CD’s for $5-8 and rip them myself to FLAC.

      BUT we have a generation of ear-bud-deaf Earthlings, so what should I expect?

      Bon chance, possible cuz!

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