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The iPad is all the rage lately and despite my feelings about being tired of hearing about the iPad, I found myself wanting one.  So I started to take a real look at the iPad and the other touch screen tablet devices that are poised to hit the market this year.  So I put together a table to do a side by side comparison of several devices that have caught my eye. It should be noted that official/final specs for the devices other than the iPad haven’t been released.

Below are the specs that I’ve gathers for the devices so far:

Apple iPad HP Slate Notion Ink – Adam
Price $499 (16GB)
$599 (32GB)
$699 (64GB)
$549 (32GB)
$599 (64GB)
$327 – $800
Storage 16GB/32GB/64GB 32GB/64GB 16GB/32GB
OS iPhone OS Windows 7 Home Premium Android + Tegra
Height by Width 9.56 by 7.47 inches 9.21 by 5.70 inches 9.4 by 6.2 inches
Thickness 0.5 inches 0.57 inches 0.5 inches (13mm)
Screen Size 9.7 inch 8.9 inch 10.1 inch
Resolution 1024 by 768 1024 by 600 1024 by 600
720p 1080p 1080p
Processor 1 GHz A4 1.6 GHz Intel Atom
Dual Core Cortex A-9
RAM 512 MB (Speculated)
256 MB Available to Apps
1 GB DDR2 Unknown
USB Port No Yes Yes (2)
SD Card Reader No Yes (SDHC) Yes (MircoSD)
Camera(s) None VGA Webcam (inward) &
3-megapixel (outward)
3.2MP Swivel camera
Flash Support No Yes Yes
Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n 802.11 b/g 802.11 b/g
Estimated Battery Life 10 Hours 5 Hours 16 Hours
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
Accelerometer Yes Unknown Yes
3G Optional (Add $130) Optional Yes (Optional Assumed)
GPS Only in 3G Model Yes Yes
Video Out Optional (accessory) Yes – Dock (HDMI) Yes (MDMI)

Now the one thing that Apple has going for it and the iPad/iPhone in general is the iTunes app store.  The sheer amount of variety and amount of apps in the app store is staggering, there is nothing that can compete with it.  However, the Android market place is growing daily, and at an astonishing pace.  With new Android devices coming out at a steady pace this is a trend that isn’t likely to subside anytime soon.

With the specifications above and then taking the app store into account I feel that my order of preference on tablets between the above three would go in the order of the Notion Ink Adam, the iPad and then finally the HP Slate.  Besides just having better specs the fact that it runs Android is a huge benefit to me as it allows more freedom than that which is available on the iPad.

I personally will be waiting until the second generation of these devices comes around and till there is far more meaningful apps for the device of choice.

  2 Responses to “Apple iPad vs HP Slate versus Notion Ink Adam”

  1. On what basis does notion ink adam gets to first place? just cuz it has 3.2 mp cam inwards and mdmi ? is that what you based it on? I’ve close friends working in HP the first generation hp slate is and again i stress its the first generation the next generation that is to come out in after july 2011 will beat notion ink but will be in stiff competition. HP has released it and it has seen the day light hp is checking all the technology the next gen will have better performance parameters better camera better screen and over all much upgraded.

    It seems you don’t research before you make claims, Notion hasn’t seen the day light yet therefore on paper it might look awesome infact the first generation notion might have a good go but HP is an old player along with apple it would be hard for notion to compete in the long run.

    Advise do some research. thanks

  2. In my defense I made this post 8+ months ago, when there wasn’t much information out on the HP Slate.
    Although to be honest i’m not sure why I put the HP Slate behind the iPad, my only assumption would be the lack of a good App Store for Windows.
    I would love to get my hands on one of them instead of just looking at them on paper, I’ve only ever played with an iPad and a Galaxy Tab currently.

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