Apr 012010


Google Renames itself to Topeka
For those of you unaware the Mayor of Topeka, Kansas renamed the city to Google, KS for the month of March.  So Google returns the favor today on the first.

YouTube TEXTp video format
So for YouTube it’s simple, why stream video when you can stream Text instead?   TEXTp turns the video you want to watch into an ASCII version.

Google Wave Wave Notifications
The blog post on this one leaves you to believe that it might be real, then you follow one of the links (they all go to the same website) and you see a little bit more of the funny and finally, links from here lead to a site saying it’s an April Fools joke.

Google Voice – Standard Voicemail Mode
When the latest and greatest in Google Voice has you feeling like it’s just to darn easy to access your voice mail and you are just dying for the voice mail options from then 90s then Standard Voicemail Mode is for you.

Google Docs: Store anything
And they mean anything!  Pizza, some books, your neighbors cat.  Whatever you want you can now sign up to store it in Google Docs.

Google Books: 3d Books
Google goes on by now offering books in a new dimension, 3D books because if reading didn’t give you a headache just read one of these books without glasses.

Google Chrome: Unmuting the Web
Google Chrome develops a plug-in that will audio feedback from browsing the web.

Google API Now with the Evil Bit
If you are going to use the Google API for nefarious purposes ensure that you tack this query string onto the end of any URLs that you use.

Google Annotations New Java Annotations
If you are a programming nerd this will be funny for you, if you don’t understand much about programming then well you are out of luck.

Gmail has a vowel outage
This one is pretty simply,  if you go to mail.google.com today and are not logged into your GMail account you will see a Google Mail landing page without any vowels.

Google Search Results
Now in a new time format.   There is also an easter egg in here, but you have to have a basic understand of recursion to get it and the first step to understanding recursion?  To understand recursion.

Google Mobile Search Results: Where Am I?
If you have a mobile phone or simply go to Google’s Mobile website in your standard browser and search “Where Am I?” you will be given a random location.

Google UK: Translate for Animals
Like the Japan story below, but without as funny of pictures you can now download an app for your Android phone that will let you translate what animals are saying.

Google Japan: Finally the keyboard you’ve been looking for
So I haven’t actually read the article yet, but it’s fairly entertaining to look at the pictures and see Google’s resigned keyboard for Japan.

Google Japan: Animal Voice Search
When you want to know exactly what kind of Kibble your dog wants.

Google China: 3D Google Street View
This one may not be to unbelievable as well everything is going 3D now a days, but being that it was posted today i’m going to go with it being an April fools joke.

Google Australia: Google Maps gets OOCA
When you need to know exactly where to go in a language and speak that is more familiar to you then this is it.

Google Polska: Google Street maps with Pot hole notifications
This gives you a heads up when you are going to be driving right into a hole.  But the best part of this post?  AdWords for Asphalt.

Google Czech is hiring
Gotta translate the job descriptions to really get the bulk out of this.


World of Warcraft: Equipment Potency Equivalence Number
Tell other players how much of a loot ho you really are with this huge line that shoots out from the top of your characters, who cares what it actually represents, just get yours bigger the other players

Battle.NET Neural Interface Device
Because who wouldn’t want to be able to connect to Battle.NET WITH THEIR BRAIN!  Unfortunately this little puppy is currently sold out so you are going to have to wait.

Blizzard Introduces two new Mobile Games
The ‘Brain Melting Confrontations’ are what i’m looking forward to most of all.

Blizzard gets some new merchandise, coming soon
Because who doesn’t want a Diablo 3 Snuggy?  Don’t forget, if you buy two you can get the only body pillow that will scare the hell out of any child.

Battle.NET Matchmaking service
Find that special someone with Battle.NET’s new matchmaking service

Sales Websites

Woot: One day one Adventure with multiple choices.
Meant to emulate a text adventure game Woot changes it’s homepage to give you multiple choices to lead you to the elusive bag of crap.  Although like normal you would have to have been an early riser to get it.

ThinkGeek the iCade
The perfect iPad accessory, this almost would make me want to buy an iPad, almost.

Toshiba’s TubeTop
When you need to have your laptop quite everywhere then the TubeTop is for you, perfect for those long baths, now you can fully tweet that you are in the tub.

Starbucks introduces new size cups
Because some people are watching their weight, or really just need that gigantic jolt.

Tech Blogs

Tech Crunch Exclusive: Google to go Nuclear
Apparently Google now has decided to turn towards Nuclear energy.  However Google has responded and said that it’s flattered, but it has nothing to do with it’s exploration of using marshmallows as an alternate energy source.

PC World: Google Acquires the Internal Revenue Service
Making the tax system better, the Google Way.  Also putting ads on money, genius!

News Websites

The Independent: Hadron Collider 2 planned for London’s Circle Line
The comments are probably the best part of this one.

Other Websites

Funny or die is now Bieber or Die

ABC introduces some new shows

These are just some of my favorites so far, there are many many more out there and I don’t have the time to keep up with them all.  For more comprehensive lists you can head over to TechCrunch’s April Fools 2010 , Mashable’s choice of funniest April Fools Jokes or April Fools Day on the Web .com

As the day continues I will try and add more, if you know of one that is not listed please leave it in the comments below.

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