Apr 012011

Another year has come and gone and we are once again at that time of the year where various websites will try and trick or fool you.

I am of course talking about the tradition of April Fools celebrated by many websites across the internet and showcased here in my unofficial and incomplete list of April’s Fools sites 2011.

This list will be ongoing as I find more throughout the day. Feel free to add to this list using the comments.

First up is the always pleasing crowd favorite Google. This year Google is introducing a new service to Gmail called Gmail Motion.

Want to work for Google?  They have a new job position open for Autocompleter.

Google has a new Plugin called Comic Sans for Everyone!

Check out Youtube’s Top 5 Viral Pictures of 2011. Blog Link

Woot, a popular online sales website has a nice little game that can get you a bag of crap.  If you’re good enough

For World Of Warcraft Blizzard has announced Crabby The Dungeon Helper.

Then don’t forgot to take Crabby along into the new dungeon the Tomb of Immortal Darkness.

Blizzard has announced the Diablo 3 Horadric Cube App for your Phone that will transmute multiple apps into one.

Play Starcraft 2 with the Kinect Motion sensor.

A popular Chrome Plug-in AdBlock is offering AdBlock Freedom to ease the amount of ads you have to see while reading magazines.

Groupon has decided that it’s time to patent April Fools day.  Oh the Irony.

The Toshiba Spectacle, the only way Pirates can watch 3D?

Reddit decides to monetize April Fools through Reddit Mold.

Forget Angry Birds, now you can play Atlassian’s Angry Nerds.

You will have to check out Linkedin’s People you may know.  Some suggestions include the Wizard of In, Albert Einstein and Robin Hood.

Starbucks has a new mobile app called Starbucks Mobile Pour.

Photo Tattoos at KODAK.

Update #1

Prevent Drunk Dialing with Google Voice, Google Voice introduces the Voice-alyzer.

Can’t keep up with Google Chrome?  Maybe Chromercise is for you.

ThinkGeek has a PLAYMOBILE Apple Store Playset and a Desktop Nether Portal.

Googlers in China get Google’s Teleportation Services.

Update #2

If you check out Funny or Die today you’ll see Friday or Die.

Minecraft has opened an Online Minecraft Store.

Tired of your Ex in all your pictures check out Kodak’s Relationshiffft App.

IGN has a Trailer for the new Harry Potter TV Show.

Google AdWords new (Old School) Display Ad upgrade.

Fee Fighters and Foo Fighters merged to become FoeFighters.

Google’s new  body browser can be viewed at Google’s Cow Lab.

WePay deals with  relentless spammers.

Google is apparently going to reacquire Blogger.

Update #3

Goodbye Wowhead, Hello Rifthead.

World of Warcraft’s Patch 4.1.11 Preview.

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.4.11 Preview.

Over on 1UP.com you can check out Halo Dance Central.

Guild War’s 2 has a New Profession.

Bungie’s new game PimpsVille.

GameStop has an exclusive new game called Fightin Frogs.

Perfect World introduces Forsaken’s newest class, the Edward Class.

Finally Someone has Patched Chess.

Big Fish Games has found the world’s Most Affordable Tablet.

Check out Razer’s new Gaming Bio-Exoskeleton.

Sega Introduces the Super Monkey Cube.

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  1. Awesome post mate, I definitly enjoyed this blog. I’ll be sure to show this to a few friends who would, in all likelihood, like to read over this post too. Found this sites post through the AOL search engine by the way, if you were wondering :P. Many thanks for the great read!

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