May 202013

I’ve been using Facebook since June 2007 and while I was by no means an early adopter it is still a far different animal now than it was nearly 6 years ago.   When I joined it was a much better way to keep in touch with my friends than that of it’s only real rival at the time, MySpace.  Now I’ve decided to delete the Facebook application off of my phone and am reducing my interactions on Facebook to be purely professional.

My most recent beef with Facebook is some of the changes they have been implemented in order to try and garner as much money as possible from individuals and businesses alike.  What i’m talking about is the fact that if you have a page on Facebook you are doomed unless you can get the majority of your fans to go in and change their settings for you page to show them all your posts.  Otherwise, you will be finding yourself spending a lot of money, sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars, to reach your entire audience through Promoted Posts.  The reason for this is Facebook’s logic for determining what a user wants to see and if users aren’t interacting with your posts then they won’t see your content.

I’ve also found the Facebook mobile application to be quite annoying.  The first of my problems I had with it were permissions woes.  My standard post permissions were posting to several lists and then also specifically excluding several other lists of people.  However, in the application you can only choose one list of people to post to and there is no way to include multiple.  Making it impossible for me to post from my phone in the same manner I could from my PC.

Then after having checked-in at a location it began tagging all of my posts with my current location, even when I posted from my PC, and from the mobile application there was no way to turn it back off.  This was a huge privacy violation for me. I had to get onto a computer and delete posts that were tagged with my location and go in and turn the setting back off.

Another issue I had with the Facebook mobile Android application was one that I was able to resolve myself but it still was an annoyance nonetheless. Whenever I would boot up the application it would start to load and then crash, sometimes even crashing my phone and rarely letting me actually read some posts.  I resolved it by going into settings, then applications applications and clearing the application data but someone who doesn’t know their way around a phone isn’t going to be able to do that.

However, the real reason I took the Facebook application off my phone is the fact that it tried to get me to download and install an update from outside of Google Play.   That sparked a huge red flag on my end as no app should EVER ask to do that, even if you are Facebook.  There is a level of trust that is lost when you ask to take over complete control like that.  That was the final straw that led me to uninstalling Facebook from my phone.

Another annoying issue I have with Facebook is the fact that it tries way too hard to show me content that it thinks I would be interested in reading.  When I don’t visit in several days the content that I’m served up is in some sort of random order and, more often than not, out of chronological order.  This was exasperated last Saturday when I opened up the iOS app and saw content in the following order:

  • Post from an hour ago

  • Post from last Sunday

  • Post from yesterday

  • Post from Tuesday

  • Post from two hours ago.

I finally gave up and went to the actual website which was a little bit more useful in giving me content in an order I expected.

All of this stuff, mixed with the fact that Google+ is much better for storing images than Facebook, has led me to stop using Facebook for primarily personal reasons.  All of my personal posts are now done on Google+ and my only use for Facebook anymore is professional/business.  It’s quite a bit different use than when I first started using Facebook, that is for sure, but Facebook just doesn’t fit my needs for privacy and convenience anymore.  I’ll still be checking occasionally to keep up with those who haven’t made the switch yet but I will be going through and trimming down my posts and friends in order to make it more manageable.

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