Dec 202013

SEO is a subject matter that I’ve been working with and have had a lot of interest in for quite some time.  However, lately I’ve been doing a lot of research and training with regards to SEO fundamentals for creating a good website to generate organic traffic.  There are hundreds of factors (Here is 200 that Google uses) that go into a web page’s ranking and each one has different levels of attention that is required.  I’ve decided to write my own Quick and Dirty SEO Fundamentals guide to try and focus on which of these factors will provide the biggest boost and are the most important.  The first of these fundamentals I want to focus on is providing Quality Content on your website.

The game of providing pertinent search results is constantly evolving.  Each search engine has their own way of ranking pages to try and provide the best results for given search terms.  However, the end goal for all of these search engines is the same, to provide the highest quality results to the user who is searching.  Then, if you want to rank highly in search results, it stands to reason that providing the highest quality content should also be your goal.

Quality Content itself might not seem like it would have a huge impact on SEO.  A lot of SEO Professionals will tell you without keyword focusing you’re not going to get the results you want.  The problem is if you focus on writing content to match keywords then the quality will suffer and that will be apparent.  Where as if you write quality and compelling content that draws your readers in then they are more likely to interact with that content.

While keywords play a big part in SEO optimization, more and more search engines are placing a higher ranking on social interaction on content.  Which means if you engage your users you have a higher chance of drawing more organic traffic in than if you relied on keyword driven content alone.

So while there are many factors that go into content’s SEO variability the first thing that you should focus on is making sure that you provide quality content.  Because, no matter what changes that are made between now and tomorrow in ranking algorithms, it will always be to try and get the searching user to the best possible quality content.

On my next post I plan to go into the importance of hosting and performance enhancements in your SEO rankings.

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