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I’m continuing my series on Quick and Dirty SEO fundamentals by focusing part three on building a brand.  Search engines put more trust in sites that they identify as a brand and thus give higher priority to search results from that brand. So being a brand is very important.

Before becoming a brand however you have to know what a brand is.   A brand is something that a user can identify with and recognize easily.  It doesn’t have to be a business, although it is more common that it is, you can build a brand out of your personal identity.   The end goal is to have a name that carries weight and that will be used as a reference for certain material.

All brands become associated with a category or set of categories.  Think about any number of brand names you know of off hand and think of what their categories would be.  It should be fairly easy to do and could even be done in reverse by thinking of categories and picking out the brand names that could be associated with it.

So the question still remains: How do you build a brand?  You build a brand by sticking out and making a name for yourself in a specific category.  You won’t be a brand if you are just copying other content, covering too many unassociated topics, or don’t have a unique name.  It also helps to have a length of time established under that name.

Many websites make the mistake of trying to name their website using specific keywords that they are trying to heavily weigh themselves on for SEO purposes.  While this used to be prominent in rankings in the past, now more search engines focus on branding.   Another mistake that websites will make is trying to fill up their site with junk content and not focusing on relevant content to the type of brand they are trying to create.

In conclusion, it’s important if you want to build a brand to have a unique name that stands out and focus on specific set or sub-set of content categories.  Along with having high quality content and good site performance this will go a long way to improving your ranking on the web.  Part 4 will be the last topic in this series and I will be discussing what you can do that will get you in trouble and lose ranking.

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  1. […] Building a Brand – Quick and Dirty SEO Fundamentals – Part 3 […]

  2. […] Building a Brand – Quick and Dirty SEO Fundamentals – Part 3 […]

  3. Thank you. This is good, simple information for those of us who are not as net savvy as we’d like to be, but still find ourselves needing a web presence.

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