Jul 032014

I had promised myself that I would try and get a blog post up that was actually technical in nature as recently my topics haven’t been.  Well, I couldn’t come up with a technical subject to write about and it’s been far too long since my last post so i’m going to go with a subject that isn’t very technical but is something i’m very passionate about.  That subject is Net Neutrality.

Recently, as i’m sure everyone is aware, the subject of Net Neutrality has been on the top of the minds of many in the tech industry. I am personally very much for Net Neutrality, as I liken it most to that of a telephone provider. You pay a monthly fee (or a one time fee in the case of pay phones) for phone service and so does the person you are calling.  Your phone service provider is not able to make it take longer to reach someone or reduce the quality of a call unless the person you are calling pays them an additional fee.

This is essentially what the big ISPs are trying to accomplish by striking down Net Neutrality. Now I know many will say that an ISP is different than a Telecom because one is regarded as a utility and the other is not. But that I see as part of the problem, now a days the internet is becoming a very prominent and necessary part of our lives.  Therefore it is something that probably should be considered and regulated as a utility.

Another problem with this whole situation is the lack of competition in the internet provider space.  In most locations you don’t have choice for an internet provider, and if you do it’s usually no more than 2 or 3 providers.  All of these providers who offer similar services for a near similar price.  This has already stifled advancement of internet in the country to where we now lag behind in average internet speeds but pay near the most for the speeds we receive.

Now there are many videos out there on the internet that can explain the issues far better than I can and provide the call to action better than I ever could.  So, in case you haven’t seen these videos I highly recommend John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Video:

As well as Vi Hart’s Net Neutrality in the US video:

Also, if you have a strong opinion on what you feel should be done about Net Neutrality then you should provide a comment for the FCC to review here: http://www.fcc.gov/comments

I personally have written the FCC with my feelings on the matter and suggest that you do the same.

In my humble opinion if Net Neutrality is struck down and the ISPs are allowed to do whatever they want with the traffic that passes through it could hurt people like me.  If a site I created were to suddenly gain a large amount of regular traffic these ISPs could come after me for money in order to ensure my users received the best experience possible. They could also just simply throttle me for nothing more than providing a service similar to theirs or one that they don’t agree with.

Anyway, that will end my rank for the day, I promise my next blog post will be more technical oriented rather than sticking to my opinion.


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