Apr 152015

So this year has been a busy year and the blog has suffered due to not having time to write posts.  However, in following with my last 2 years I want to give myself a review of my performance the previous year as well as set objectives for the next year.

Rather than drawing things out more than they need to i’m going to start by reviewing my objectives I set last year and how well I accomplished them.

  • Average 1.5 personal Blog posts a month.
    • I started off the year strong by making 7 posts in the first 5 months of the year. However, in the remaining 7 months I only made 4 more posts for a total of 11 posts last year.  Falling well short of the 18 blog posts I wanted to make.
  • Finish a personal project – For Real.
    • Time is Money but Money can’t buy time.  I furthered work on a few projects last year, but didn’t come close to completing any.  
  • Work on Better Memorization Skills
    • While I have been doing a somewhat better job of keeping notes and setting reminders I still have a long way to go on improving my memorization skills. .
  • Add two new healthy habits
    • Hey look here, this year wasn’t a complete wash. I met this object by starting not only two healthy habits but three!  At work I now have an adjustable desk so that I can stand more instead of sitting all day. On top of that I also have started and followed through with a nearly daily workout routine as well as healthier diet changes.

So, I ended up meeting one out of the four 2014 objectives I set for myself.  Which isn’t bad considering I didn’t really meet any of my 2013 objectives I set.

Now comes the fun part, time to set my 2015 objectives.  This year I think you’ll notice a theme around professional growth as well as personal growth.

  • Expand my professional and personal network.
    • It’s all about who you know in life and right now I don’t know that many people. So my goal for this year is to make more personal and professional connections.
  • Begin a routine of regular blog posting
    • This isn’t just for my personal blog, I have several other blogs that are suffering badly.  I need to get in the habit of regularly posting.
  • Achieve 1 Life Goal
    • I have several personal and professional life goals that i’ve set for myself.  This year I want to achieve one of them, at least.
  • Continue healthy life habits regularly.
    • Of my 2014 objectives I think this is one that needs to carry over.  Healthy living is a good goal towards leading a happier life.  

So there are my 2015 objectives, late but not forgotten.  I look forward to reviewing them in 2016 to see how I did.  I’m hoping for my best year yet!  


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