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My Name is Michael Merrell and I have been working professionally as a software engineer since early 2007 and building web sites in my spare time since 1997.   This website is a means for me to share my development insight and opinions on current technology and web trends.

I simply love being a software developer because I enjoy the challenging logical problems and being able to to see a finished product at the end. In everything I do I try to do it to the best of my ability and try to find the best implementation possible.  To me there is not much sense in doing something if you aren’t going to do it to the best of your ability.

Currently, my primary development language is C# .NET.  I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and a goal of mine is to eventually become a Microsoft MVP.  I enjoy mentoring and being able to use and share my knowledge to help someone solve a problem or work through other logic.

The main programming philosophy that I believe in is the KISS principle.  To put it simply I believe that when developing an application you should aim to keep your solutions as simple as possible.  This is not only to maintain good code but to make it easier and faster to implement changes throughout the life of the application no matter who’s working on it.

As far as technology as a whole is concerned I believe heavily in the future of cloud computing.  This is not just due to the fact that it is the field that I currently work in but that I see it coming into more popularity over the next few years.  It has already grown steadily over the last few years and I believe it will continue to grow in acceptance.

Finally, if you would like to see a currently list of my personal projects that I’m working on for myself or friends and family then head over to my projects page.

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  1. Hi Clayton,

    Please excuse the direct approach. My name is Clayton Courtney and I am a specialist headhunter in the technology sector across the US.

    My client, a cutting-edge software development company in Kansas City, are seeking an experienced C# ASP.Net MVC developer, to work on their next-gen, cloud-based software solutions for a worthwhile sector. They are rapidly expanding and this position is a key one to continue the growth and development of successful products.

    Would you be interested in discussing further?

    Best Regards,
    Clayton Courtney

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