Nov 152012

Google is up to some new tricks with the recent release of The Niantic Project. Now what is the Niantic Project? That’s the real question. The popular and most logical theory right now is that it is an ARG (Alternate Reality Game).

Recently the Niantic Project website went live. On the surface it appears to be a conspiracy theorist trying to track down some mysterious project. However, a simple look at the footer of the page will reveal Google’s copyright statement and privacy policy link. Then on the side of the page there is a convenient “Request App Invite” form. Continue reading »

Apr 012011

Another year has come and gone and we are once again at that time of the year where various websites will try and trick or fool you.

I am of course talking about the tradition of April Fools celebrated by many websites across the internet and showcased here in my unofficial and incomplete list of April’s Fools sites 2011. Continue reading »

May 142010

Chances are you have a Facebook page, or if not you have probably thought about creating one. Privacy is a big concern now online, that’s why i’m sure you’ve seen those new public service commercials that show a young teenage girl either walking around telling a bunch of strangers random information about herself or having random people come up saying personal things about her to her. Continue reading »

Apr 012010


Google Renames itself to Topeka
For those of you unaware the Mayor of Topeka, Kansas renamed the city to Google, KS for the month of March.  So Google returns the favor today on the first.

YouTube TEXTp video format
So for YouTube it’s simple, why stream video when you can stream Text instead?   TEXTp turns the video you want to watch into an ASCII version. Continue reading »

Feb 152010

Just another quick post to announce to the world that I have once again updated the projects page.  This time around I have added a new website that was quick to implement and hopefully will serve as a place for some quick laughs and enjoyment.

The website that was added is titled Tasty Spam,  and is designed to take a look at the humor that is freely included with some email spam that is sent out today.  Whether it be mocking the Engrish that is used or simply the random subjects or included content it’s all designed towards bringing the humor or fail out of the annoyance that is induced by spam.

Here is where I need your help, I need more spam.  I have a good deal of emails built up from personal accounts and from those closest to me, but I need more.  So please email me your spam,  it will finally be a good use for all that spam mail you get.