Sep 082014

I’ve been a long time user of GoDaddy for my domains, mostly because I’ve never found a better domain host for both price and services offered.  I know there are other hosts out there and I know there are also quite a few that are cheaper and have decent management tools but there is a level of trust that I’ve not been able to find.  Now this isn’t to say I fully trust GoDaddy, but they are a bigger company so the level of trust is higher than a company i’ve never heard of.   Continue reading »

Sep 282012

Recently I began using Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2012.  My first impression hours into using it was simply asking myself why wasn’t I using this before?

Aside from the easy answer of it only being released in August I don’t have any other excuses other than not having a need to use it.  Now that I have a need to use I am glad that I am getting the opportunity to.  There are many features of VS2012 that I feel are a good reason that if you are considering upgrading you should. Continue reading »

Mar 102011

On Wednesday March 2nd, 2011 Google released new public profiles for existing Google users. Besides a new URL there are a lot of new sleek differences that make Google’s User Profiles much different than they were before.

Now for those of you who are saying “Wait, Google User’s have public profiles?”, they do, only if you’ve created one already. If you created one previously your profile was located at{username]. Previously profiles were very simple, with some pictures and then three tabs. On the first tab you listed a name of places where you’ve lived, went to school and then worked. Aside from that you could add some contact information and then some links. Continue reading »

Feb 042010

Looking for a job, whether it will be your first real job or just a better job, is something that the nearly everyone will do in their lifetime. Many people don’t realize this but in many ways looking for a job is a job in itself. Keeping yourself organized during this process will help ensure that you keep your best foot forward so that it might just end up in the door at your ideal company. Luckily Google has many free tools out there that can help you with this process if you use them to their fullest potential.

First step when looking for a job is modifying or creating a resume. The resume is the mos important document in your job search because it is the document that should represent why a company should bring you in for an interview. So, it’s important that your resume is professional and as complete as possible, which means free of grammatical and spelling errors and containing all pertinent information about your skills. Well you probably don’t write resumes for a living, so it will be beneficial to have multiple people review your resume before you ever submit it anywhere. Continue reading »