Nov 222013

Recently, I was presented with a problem.  I was no longer able to stay with my current internet provider, SureWest.   So, I began my search for a new internet provider and unfortunately my only choices in the area showed up as Time Warner Cable and AT&T, both being companies that I did not want to do business with.  We had previously had TWC before being burned by their customer service and deciding to switch to SureWest. Continue reading »

May 202013

I’ve been using Facebook since June 2007 and while I was by no means an early adopter it is still a far different animal now than it was nearly 6 years ago.   When I joined it was a much better way to keep in touch with my friends than that of it’s only real rival at the time, MySpace.  Now I’ve decided to delete the Facebook application off of my phone and am reducing my interactions on Facebook to be purely professional. Continue reading »

Jan 042013

So it’s that time of the year again when people go around making promises to themselves about things that they are going to either accomplish or do better in the next year.  With most people some these promises are quickly forgotten or given up on.   Those who accomplish their New Years Resolutions throughout the year get the satisfaction of completion but for many resolutions they are easily undone. Continue reading »