May 202013

I’ve been using Facebook since June 2007 and while I was by no means an early adopter it is still a far different animal now than it was nearly 6 years ago.   When I joined it was a much better way to keep in touch with my friends than that of it’s only real rival at the time, MySpace.  Now I’ve decided to delete the Facebook application off of my phone and am reducing my interactions on Facebook to be purely professional. Continue reading »

Sep 272011

With the addition of a new player, Google Plus, into the social media space you may be wondering what sets it apart from Facebook behemoth.  After spending several months using Google Plus I can say that there is a strong list of features that set it apart from Facebook.  Everyone looks for something different so I’ve tried to focus on features from a more technical standpoint.One of the things that sets Google+ apart from Facebook is something that most articles don’t really focus on and that’s photos.  With Picasa running the back-end for photos in Google Plus it gives you greater control and flexibility than that of what Facebook offers. Continue reading »

Mar 102011

On Wednesday March 2nd, 2011 Google released new public profiles for existing Google users. Besides a new URL there are a lot of new sleek differences that make Google’s User Profiles much different than they were before.

Now for those of you who are saying “Wait, Google User’s have public profiles?”, they do, only if you’ve created one already. If you created one previously your profile was located at{username]. Previously profiles were very simple, with some pictures and then three tabs. On the first tab you listed a name of places where you’ve lived, went to school and then worked. Aside from that you could add some contact information and then some links. Continue reading »

Oct 262010

Over the weekend a new FireFox plug-in appeared. The functionality behind this plug-in is not new, what is new is the ease of use and how easily accessible it is not for anyone to be malicious. Because of this it’s important to know what it does and how to protect yourself from being a victim of it’s misuse. Continue reading »

May 142010

Chances are you have a Facebook page, or if not you have probably thought about creating one. Privacy is a big concern now online, that’s why i’m sure you’ve seen those new public service commercials that show a young teenage girl either walking around telling a bunch of strangers random information about herself or having random people come up saying personal things about her to her. Continue reading »