Nov 242009

I personally am one of the people who is extremely excited about the fact that the Chrome OS is now out in the hands of the community. What this means to me is that as early as next year we could start seeing devices running the Chrome OS, which I personally can’t wait for. I’ve been in the market for a good netbook for over a year now, the problem is there is nothing out there that seems perfect for what I want. I want something lightweight, fast and very portable with a slick interface and preferably touch screen. The problem with the majority of netbooks out in the market right now is they are running off of a windows based operating system. While there is nothing wrong with the Windows OS it seems more suited towards desktop computers and full fledged laptops as it is a heavily bloated OS. Continue reading »

Nov 042009

From a web developer’s perspective it is generally an accepted opinion to have a strong dislike for Internet Explorer. The reasons are simple, to many people are still using Internet Explorer 6 and if you are creating a website using today’s standards then you will likely run into compatibility problems with IE 6. Leaving you to spend extra time exploring the reasons and work-around options in order to support this outdated browser. Now understanding that there will always be some people who are resistant to change and won’t update so there will always be that concern about outdated browsers but IE 6 is not the only negative point for the Internet Explorer family. Continue reading »

Oct 122009

My sister has a T-Mobile Sidekick phone and early last week she started complaining that her phone had hard reset and all her contacts and calendar appointments had been lost.  She was constantly in communication with T-Mobile all of last week until Friday when they told her that they would likely not be able to recover any of her lost information.  I had simply thought that this was just something on T-Mobile’s end that they had screwed up and would have been a relatively isolated issue. Continue reading »