Sep 302013

After using Visual Studio 2012 even more one of the things that I’ve come to appreciate is the new project types and the new things that are included with them.

The first type of project that I started once I started using Visual Studio 2012 was MVC. Now I have used MVC before but I have to say that this is the first time that I’ve really been impressed with what it has to offer out of the box. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making MVC something that is very user friendly, flexible and something that can can be widely accepted. It also has a lot higher reliance on JavaScript libraries for doing more things client site which I think is a great progression for where the web is heading.  Continue reading »

Apr 022010

With the implementation of MVC there is a lot more room for unhanded global exceptions because in MVC you are encouraged to write more in line code to accompany the back end code. So what happens when an exception is thrown within the front end code? Well you’ll have an exception that will bubble up to the global application class which if you don’t handle it there it will continue to bubble and be displayed to the user as specified in the web configuration file. This doesn’t do you much good, sure the user will know that there is an error, and you can squelch the amount of information that is displayed to your ordinary users, but if working through trouble shooting the issue this basic information does you no good. Continue reading »