Jan 042013

So it’s that time of the year again when people go around making promises to themselves about things that they are going to either accomplish or do better in the next year.  With most people some these promises are quickly forgotten or given up on.   Those who accomplish their New Years Resolutions throughout the year get the satisfaction of completion but for many resolutions they are easily undone. Continue reading »

Feb 152010

Just another quick post to announce to the world that I have once again updated the projects page.  This time around I have added a new website that was quick to implement and hopefully will serve as a place for some quick laughs and enjoyment.

The website that was added is titled Tasty Spam,  and is designed to take a look at the humor that is freely included with some email spam that is sent out today.  Whether it be mocking the Engrish that is used or simply the random subjects or included content it’s all designed towards bringing the humor or fail out of the annoyance that is induced by spam.

Here is where I need your help, I need more spam.  I have a good deal of emails built up from personal accounts and from those closest to me, but I need more.  So please email me your spam atgetstastyspam@gmail.com,  it will finally be a good use for all that spam mail you get.

Oct 282009

I have updated the projects page with two new projects that i’m involved in developing and maintaining.

The first of which is a gaming related site called Noobian Institute, which will be towards educating gamers on their favorite games giving them helpful information to help them succeed.

The second is Get me off this Pla.net it’s a blog for science and science fiction and talking about reasons why earth may not be the best place in the world to be.

Check out the Projects page for more information on either of these two projects or all the projects i’m involved in.