Apr 182014

The recent HeartBleed security concern has a lot of people rushing to change their passwords on various compromised sites.  This is because security experts just don’t know what information could have been taken.   While that advice is solid, because you should be changing your passwords frequently anyway, a password is becoming less and less of a secure way to protect your sensitive information. Continue reading »

Oct 262010

Over the weekend a new FireFox plug-in appeared. The functionality behind this plug-in is not new, what is new is the ease of use and how easily accessible it is not for anyone to be malicious. Because of this it’s important to know what it does and how to protect yourself from being a victim of it’s misuse. Continue reading »

May 142010

Chances are you have a Facebook page, or if not you have probably thought about creating one. Privacy is a big concern now online, that’s why i’m sure you’ve seen those new public service commercials that show a young teenage girl either walking around telling a bunch of strangers random information about herself or having random people come up saying personal things about her to her. Continue reading »