Jan 032014

For my second post on my Quick and Dirty SEO fundamentals series I am going to cover the effect that web hosting and website performance enhancements have on SEO performance.  While this won’t do as much for your website as having great quality content it still plays a huge part and can impact you negatively if neglected.   Continue reading »

Dec 202013

SEO is a subject matter that I’ve been working with and have had a lot of interest in for quite some time.  However, lately I’ve been doing a lot of research and training with regards to SEO fundamentals for creating a good website to generate organic traffic.  There are hundreds of factors (Here is 200 that Google uses) that go into a web page’s ranking and each one has different levels of attention that is required.  I’ve decided to write my own Quick and Dirty SEO Fundamentals guide to try and focus on which of these factors will provide the biggest boost and are the most important.  The first of these fundamentals I want to focus on is providing Quality Content on your website.

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