Feb 042013

Google Webmaster Crawl Stats

It is fairly common knowledge that server performance helps with the SEO viability of a website. This is never more evident than when you upgrade server hardware to a better server.  You can see the effects almost instantly in Google Webmaster Tools.  The stats will show that your pages are being crawled more because it’s taking less time. Continue reading »

Oct 152012
What Happens when an Asp.NET Viewstate Goes Critical

This is a screen capture of a viewstate that got out of control.  Shrunk down and cut off so it would fit on a page.

While working on an ASP.NET forms application I ran into one big problem that was hurting SEO.  The viewstate for one of the pages in the application was ballooning out of control.  This page in question was very important landing page in the application and thus needed the best SEO optimization we could offer. Continue reading »

Mar 022010

If you are a SEO nut you already know why site maps are important, they give search engines an easy way to tell what content is on your site, where it is and what importance it is. A site map is vital for websites that use flash, JavaScript or any other type of navigation that can not be comprehended by search engines. Unfortunately, it is also harder to create site maps as you will have to do the majority of the leg work manually. That’s one of the downsides, in my opinion, of using flash for navigation. It may look really nice and be flashy and have great curb appeal, but it is very bad in the realms of SEO because to put it simply robots can not render flash objects to navigate through them.

What is a site map? Continue reading »

Dec 162009

Anyone can tell you that even if a web exceeds expectations in functionality if it isn’t visually appealing it is doomed for failure. This is where some of the greatest difficulty in creating a website comes in, making one that is both functional and appealing to the eye can be hard if you don’t an artist on your side. This is the problem I face when creating a website from scratch, my artistic nature is more in the logic and functional side of things and not on the visual end. So when I create a website I generally go with the tried and true method of a simple three column layout. Continue reading »