Nov 222013

Recently, I was presented with a problem.  I was no longer able to stay with my current internet provider, SureWest.   So, I began my search for a new internet provider and unfortunately my only choices in the area showed up as Time Warner Cable and AT&T, both being companies that I did not want to do business with.  We had previously had TWC before being burned by their customer service and deciding to switch to SureWest. Continue reading »

Dec 312009

I’m going to jump on the band wagon today and talk about something that is a hot topic for the day. Currently News Corp. (owners of Fox) and Time Warner Cable are in deadlocked negotiations over renewing of a contract. This effects me directly as their current contract is set to expire at the end of the year, as in tonight. If an agreement isn’t met then at that time all of News Corp’s television stations we be blacked out on Time Warner Cable’s television services. As a Time Warner subscriber I stand to loose my ability to watch these channels come the new year. Continue reading »