Sep 282012

Recently I began using Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2012.  My first impression hours into using it was simply asking myself why wasn’t I using this before?

Aside from the easy answer of it only being released in August I don’t have any other excuses other than not having a need to use it.  Now that I have a need to use I am glad that I am getting the opportunity to.  There are many features of VS2012 that I feel are a good reason that if you are considering upgrading you should. Continue reading »

Sep 092009

Obligatory first post to my new blog and it really won’t be much of one unfortunately.

A little bit about me, my name is Michael Merrell and I am a software developer for a small development shop in Overland Park, KS working primarily with C#.NET in Visual Studio 2008. I enjoy the challenges that programming presents me on a daily basis and being able to create things that others can use.

Expect there to be more posts soon. I plan to keep this blog focused towards my professional self. For those of you who want to know about me on a personal level well to bad.