Apr 152015

So this year has been a busy year and the blog has suffered due to not having time to write posts.  However, in following with my last 2 years I want to give myself a review of my performance the previous year as well as set objectives for the next year.

Rather than drawing things out more than they need to i’m going to start by reviewing my objectives I set last year and how well I accomplished them. Continue reading »

Sep 082014

I’ve been a long time user of GoDaddy for my domains, mostly because I’ve never found a better domain host for both price and services offered.  I know there are other hosts out there and I know there are also quite a few that are cheaper and have decent management tools but there is a level of trust that I’ve not been able to find.  Now this isn’t to say I fully trust GoDaddy, but they are a bigger company so the level of trust is higher than a company i’ve never heard of.   Continue reading »